Sver – Reverie

Album Review | Folkhall Records | Review by Marc Higgins | Stars: 4/5

Sver are a five piece Norwegian Swedish Folk Rock band and Reverie is their forth album. Recorded live in Norway over two days, the album is an impressive mix of lively upbeat and more contemplative. “The Doctor”, written by fiddle player Olav Luksengard Mjelva to mark the qualification of his Doctor girlfriend Karin, is a thoughtful opener. Sensitive long drawn fiddle notes, accordion and wafting percussion from Jens Linell build four minutes of cinematic beauty. “Little Grisen” with a wonderful Folk Rock electric fiddle and Jens’ expansive drum sound builds in energy and tempo.

The whole album is impressively recorded with a huge ambience and room filling sound on the drums that has power and presence without swamping the mix. “Polska om Olav Luksengard Mjelva” and “Andas Polska” are an impressive pair of tunes by the band’s fiddle brothers in arms. Both the “Polska’s” and “E14” feature the tasteful and nimble guitar of Adam Johansson alongside those emotional fiddles. Listen out for the beautifully Hot Club guitar and cowbell solo in the middle which is superb. “Annas Vals” is a slower piece like “The Doctor” showcasing Leif Ingvar Ranøien’s accordion, simply divine fiddle and Drummer Jen’s ability to be light as air and rumbling rock solid in the same tune. “Lassi” is a tune by Andrea’s Bjørkas played here with a very knotty tempo and some more of that jazzy guitar strumming. “Boot n Rally” has a great rhythm, locked in part by the solid bass of guest Eric Ronstrom. Written for the second day of the festival the tune drives along with energy and rhythm. The title track has a great classic Folk Rock feel, with that electric swirling violin that Ric Sanders brought to 80s Fairport Convention. Final track “Love Boat” is a homage I guess to the 70s TV show. The tune starts innocently as a fiddle and accordion tune, but builds to a every so slightly cheesy ending, the soloing fiddle giving over to electric guitar, huge drums and uncredited yacht rock saxophone solo.

Sensitive and storming with touches of humour, beautifully played and recorded throughout.