John Meed – Never Enough

Album Review | Self Release | Review by Allan Wilkinson | Stars: 4/5

The widely travelled John Meed delivers each of his songs in an uncomplicated and unpretentious singing voice, removed only slightly from an actual speaking voice, perfect for the sort of poetic songs he writes. On this, his seventh album release, the Manchester-born, now Cambridge-based singer songwriter creates an inviting world in which to explore. From the evocative opener “Side by Side”, a meditation on simple human encounters on a train, the Leonard Cohen influenced title track and the plaintive “Strange Thing”, featuring some pretty alto sax courtesy of Myke Clifford (friendly long time Cambridge Folk Festival MC) and on through to the epic Bordeaux, John maintains a distinctly stoic delivery throughout, creating something that is at once highly engaging and equally thought-provoking, with the occasional nod in the direction of the cafe streets of Paris. Rather than being left with a sense of ambiguity, listening to Never Enough makes you feel that you know John Meed much better than before.