Hickory Signals – Turn to Fray

Album Review | GF*M Records | Review by Allan Wilkinson | Stars: 3/5

A fine collection of songs both new and old, original and traditional, each delivered in a clear and unpretentious manner with a clear and unpretentious message. The songs, whether borrowed from the tradition, “Who Put the Blood”, “Bushes and Briars” or adapted from poetry, “Noise of the Waters” (James Joyce) or songs written from scratch, Rosemary, Kana, Zelda, each here receive the Hickory Signals treatment, featuring at the core, the distinctive voice of Laura Ward. One or two of the songs here were first heard on the duo’s EP Noise of the Waters, the title track of course as well as the highly infections “Here I Am”. Whilst husband Adam Ronchetti’s multi-instrumental prowess embellishes his wife’s vocal performances, there is a tendency to concentrate on Laura’s voice, notably her reading of Frankie Armstrong’s “Doors to my Mind”.