Hidden Cabins – The Hidden Cabins Band

EP Review | Pyrrhic Victory Recordings | Review by Allan Wilkinson | Stars: 4/5

Originally conceived as a duo, this New Jersey/North Carolina partnership Hidden Cabins, consisting of Craig Cirinelli and Brian Hofgesang, soon expanded enough to include new members Rich Perry on drums and Jason Del Guidice on bass, bringing to the party a much fatter and edgier sound. It was never just a guitar/vocal concept and the songs were invariably embellished with effects, added percussion, ‘split channel amp tones’, some of which are still present here, but the addition of the rhythm section certainly adds a bit of punch. Recorded in rural New York State, the five songs “The One That Got Out”, “The Calming”, “News at Eleven”, “One More Slip” and “Bet it all on You”, sound pretty well worn in, whilst at the same feel rather new and fresh. The overall EP actually sounds like this indie-folk rock band are thoroughly enjoying themselves and that feeling has every chance of rubbing off on their audience given half the chance.