Yves Lambert Trio – Tentation

Album (Brief) | La Pruche Libre | By Allan Wilkinson | Stars: 3/5

Very much inspired by The Temptation of Saint Anthony, the cheerfully smiling Yves Lambert is set amidst the Bosch-like serpents and fish-things on the cover etching of this latest release by Yves and his trio, Tommy Gauthier and Oliver Rondeau, who are equally pleased with themselves on the inner sleeve. If this medieval setting is a little unfamiliar, then the music is immediately recognisable, or at least the style in which the trio play is. The Quebec sound, essentially accordion, fiddle, guitar and busy stomping feet is very much the order of the day, with plenty of reels, a little call and response, the odd minstrel ballad and plenty of feisty musicianship.