Liraz – Naz

Album Review | Dead Sea Recordings | Review by Liam Wilkinson | Stars: 3/5

If a glance along your record shelves presents a dangerous lack of Persian music, the situation can be easily remedied by grabbing a copy of Naz, the debut album by Israeli musician and actress Liraz. Singing with a seductive Farsi tongue, Liraz presents an album that addresses matters of utmost importance to this young artist – most notably the role of women in society – by drenching her subject in constantly beguiling layers of Persian hip-hop, a style of music that utilises traditional instruments such as the kanoon, lyra and ney as well as wonders of modern electronica such as the electric oud, synths and programmed drum patterns. This multifaceted record moves confidently between rhythmically enticing tracks such as “Zendegi” and “Mahtab” to haunting aural landscapes such as “Bito” and the gorgeous closing track, Taxim, leaving its listener with a pleasing appetite for more.