Carr and Roswall – Time Flies

Album Review | Dalakollektivet Records | Review by Allan Wilkinson | Stars: 4/5

It’s a rather unbelievable fifteen years since Ian Carr and Niklas Roswall dazzled us with their debut album Step on It, whilst at the same time confirming their respective instrumental prowess on such tunes as the punchy “Ghan Blenk” and the dreamy “Day on the River”, and now they return to the studio for another feast of Anglo/Swedish guitar/nyckelharpa magic. The urgency in which the opener “The Asbestos Suite” is performed indicates that the time for this reunion hasn’t come too soon. True to the album’s title, time has indeed flown by since their first collaboration and some of those initial sounds still resonate to this day and are further explored here with eleven cleverly crafted instrumental pieces. Some are originals, whilst others draw on both the traditional music of Sweden as well as classical music (Cedervall clearly straddling those borders), each piece demonstrating Ian and Niklas’ dexterity on their respective instruments, whether that be the guitar, the nyckelharpa or the moraharpa. This is one of those albums where you discover something new upon each listen.