The Whispering Tree – Invisible Forces

Album Review | Eyelash Soup Music | Review by Liam Wilkinson | Stars: 4/5

Opening with the hauntingly beautiful These Houses, a song about the monuments of homes that live on after we’re gone, Invisible Forces is an album that creeps into your ear and lingers there like, as the song says, “a ghost from another time”. There is, indeed, something timeless about the music that Franco-American duo The Whispering Tree make. With such stunningly produced Americana as the swaggering Heavy and the brooding, bluesy “Split in Half”, as well as the whimsical Garden and mischievous Fat Cat, this second album from the duo seems to exist in its own suspended realm. Eleanor Kleiner and Elie Brangbour’s many apparent influences are showing on this record, but thanks to the wonderful clarity in the musicianship, lyrics, vocals and production, each of the eight tracks shimmer like new coins, especially the album’s closing song “Bells” which, with its steadily chugging percussion, stunning harmonies and wailing guitar solo, urges us to listen again from the start.