Delta Ladies – Hillbilly Trance

Album Review | Self Release | Review by Allan Wilkinson | Stars: 3/5

Vi Martin and Dee Stone, otherwise known as the Delta Ladies, no doubt named after one of Leon Russell’s finest songs, present their own take on deep and dark Americana in this remastered and expanded reissue of their Hillbilly Trance album, named for their own idiosyncratic style, which is a pretty accurate description. The songs are indeed trance-like in places, each incorporating sweeping violin motifs, driving banjo and bluesy harmonica, with percussion provided by Danny Bryan. Both “Rock of Ages” and “Thieving Boy” pretty much set out the tenets of their style, which has been described as ‘Old Time meets the Velvet Underground’, illustrated in the accompanying inner sleeve photograph. With Eastern influences blending seamlessly into the mix, such as on “Trance Dance”, and the epic closer “Hear Me Calling”, the Ladies manage to straddle international borders with ease. Strangely compelling.