Young Waters – Young Waters

Album Review | Monokrome Music | Review by Allan Wilkinson | Stars: 5/5

With comparisons already made to such acts as the Incredible String Band and Fleet Foxes, this young five-piece outfit describe their music as ‘twisted neo-folk’, which provides us with something of an idea of what to expect prior to hearing them. When we do hear them, there’s something quite alluring about the band’s overall sound, ethereal and dreamlike in part and if indeed twisted, then twisted in all the right places. Recorded in parts at the famed Real World studios, Peter Gabriel’s place, their compositions have been taken seriously enough to be rewarded with sumptuous production, with attention paid to getting the vocals just right. Young Waters consists of singers Theo Passingham and Kerry Ann Jangle who also play guitar and percussion respectively, with Liam O’Connell on double bass and vocals, Calum Smith on violin and Rowen Elliot on viola and violin. Though the empathetic voices of Theo and Kerry Ann are the main focus throughout, we should acknowledge the startling interplay between the instruments, with some feverish violin work, especially on the masterful “Weary Soul” and the beguiling “Swimming Pool”. Emotionally charged, this fine debut is likely to make a big splash on the current acoustic music scene. Be prepared to wade in at your earliest opportunity.