Andrew J Newall – Reflections from an Airport

Album Review | Self Release | Review by Allan Wilkinson | Stars: 4/5

It’s been a while since a song brought a tear to these hardened eyes, but Andrew J Newall’s “Everyday”, a song for his son, lost to a road traffic accident at a very young age, did just that. Perhaps it’s due to the song’s absence of sentimentality that affected me most, just a simple love letter to the son he obviously misses, tenderly captured in an accompanying video included on the disc. This is as good a starting place as any to begin a subsequent artist/listener relationship and yet it doesn’t stop here. Reflections from an Airport is packed with great songs, each delivered in a confident voice reminiscent of the much missed Jackie Leven, each song, a story desperate to be told. To make this album work as well as it does, Andrew surrounds himself with the right people, Sandy Jones for instance, whose production is sumptuous and Graeme Duffin whose warm textures add to the atmosphere. Despite the emotional turmoil of re-visiting very real life changing events, Andrew offers some optimism in such songs as “Raise Your Head”, “Go On, Go On” and “This New Dawn”. A fine album.