Malphino – Visit Malphino

ALBUM (Brief) | Lex | By Allan Wilkinson | Stars: 3/5

This London-based Cumbia collective encourage us to visit their Utopian island on this their debut album. We need look no further than their collective moniker to discover their origins, ‘Mal’ from tuba player David Aird’s Malay background and ‘Phino’ an indication of accordionist Alex Barrow’s Filipino roots. Together, David and Alex along with DJ Yu Sato, percussionist Antonin Voyant and organist Graham Mushnik, Malphino have created a multi-faceted environment for musicians and visual artists to explore their collective ideas with intriguing results. Difficult to describe but easy to understand once you are acquainted with it, the rhythms and textures of cumbia are infectiously explored on this generous 17-track debut.