Yonatan Gat – Universalists

Album (Brief) | Glitterbeat | By Allan Wilkinson | Stars: 4/5

New York City-based guitarist, producer and experimental composer, originally from Israel, Yonatan Gat seems to be on an urgent quest to explore as many influences as he possibly can on this his second album release. With plenty of light and shade, garage noise and tranquil delicacy, punk sensibility and ethnomusicological curiosity, Universalists delves deep. Joined by Gal Lazer on drums and Sergio Sayeg on bass, the trio’s sound is enhanced by a 1950s field recording from Genoa, together with a powwow drum combo from Rhode Island, not to mention some fine vocal delights during the almost epic Chronology. Throughout, Gat’s confident and distinctively brutal guitar playing shakes each arrangement to life, with little room for fillers.