Various Artists – Kinder Shores

Album (Brief) | Rees Care Leavers | By Allan Wilkinson | Stars: 3/5

A bit futile reviewing a charity compilation as the point is to put your hand in your pocket and give to a good cause, regardless of how good the album is. Fortunately, this compilation of a generous 19 tracks by the likes of, okay let’s start with the biggies, Ralph McTell, Fairport Convention, Show of Hands, Oysterband and Home Service, is highly listenable, despite the fact that you may possibly already have most of the tracks included in your own collection, most of the tracks being already available on other albums. The compilation possibly introduces some of us to lesser known, yet equally important contributors including Eric Sedge, whose song “She’s the One”, was the inspiration for this project. The brainchild of retired Cromer based social worker Jenni Randall, Kinder Shores aims to raise funds for a new project in East Anglia that will provide ongoing support for those who have previously been in care. Other artists involved include Chris While and Julie Matthews, Fraser Nimmo, Edward II and annA rydeR (!?)