All the Luck in the World – The Blind Arcade

Album Review | Self Release | Review by Marc Higgins | Stars: 4/5

All The Luck in the World are three Irish musicians from Ireland now based in Berlin. ATLITW make a sound that is strummed and picked guitars with vocals that recall Ben Howard or Nick Mulvey. This is an intimate music, hushed vocals breathed into microphones while guitars gently loop. Light jazzy percussion, keyboards and bass swell their sound to create moments of intensity but theirs is in essence the sound of light, air and delicate moments. Tracks like “Starboard” and “A Thousand Eyes” are built around a percussive keyboard riff, beautifully played delicate guitar parts and a wonderfully plaintive vocal. This is carefully crafted music that rewards careful listening but with three guitarists sounds great live too. “All the Ghosts”, layers up the vocals to deliver the anthemic guitar pop child of Mumford and Sons and Snow Patrol. Via parents record collections and hipster compilation intimate guitar playing singers like Nick Drake and John Martyn at their gentler moments begat Ben Howard, Nick Mulvey, Villagers and a million others. Now via evolution Bears Den and younger bands like All the Luck in the World cipher glorious vocal harmonies, gently played guitars through pop’s keyboard studio sheen to make beautiful music. Lauren Canyon harmonies and strumming meets silicon valley’s electronica via 80s guitar loops, glimpsed through dusty folk textures of harmoniums and pianos. A carefully crafted delight from start to end.