Mairearad Green and Mike Vass – A Day a Month

Album Review | Buie Records | Review by Sheila Trow | Stars: 4/5

Clear musical expertise and panache, oozes from every pore, in this offering from Mairearad Green and Mike Vass.  The collaboration, between these two exceptional musicians, creates a synergy rarely encountered.  The intention of the pair was to meet one day each month, to play and arrange music together, and from that collaboration comes A Day a Month.  The CD is filled with vibrant Highland traditional melodies, beautifully arranged, so we gain a fresh, contemporary understanding of tunes that feel as though they’ve been around forever.  Each ‘day’ presents us with such diverse content, many widely dissimilar elements and constituent parts, all bound together in one exquisite bundle.  Do I have favourites?  Well yes, but I could probably guarantee that everyone’s favourites would differ.  For me “Dhomhuil, Buntata” and “Hail” are stand out tracks.  “Dhomhuil” is a lilting, plaintive tune, swiftly followed by the rhythmically insistent, percussive “Buntata”, which feels like the beat of life itself.  Finally we have “Hail”, acutely emotional and demonstrating the unique understanding and musicality of these two unquestionably, fine musicians.