India Electric Co – Seven Sisters

EP Review | Self Release | Review by Allan Wilkinson | Stars: 4/5

With a cumbersome monika that could easily be mistaken for a utility card on the Asian edition of Monopoly, the London-based Cole Stacey and Joseph O’Keefe present the second in a trilogy of EP releases, the title of which once again relates geographically to the duo.  Following on from EC1M, named for the postcode of the Clerkenwell district of London where the initial EP was recorded, Seven Sisters relates in name two areas of importance for the duo, the district of London where much of the material was first imagined and the name of the coastal cliffs of Sussex, close to Stacey’s childhood stomping ground.  Recorded at both Sutton House in Hackney and in an empty house in Devon, the marriage of the rural and the urban is once again explored, the five songs and standout tune set demonstrating once again the duo’s command over arrangement, particularly on the album closer, “Flash Company”, slowed down – compared to other familiar versions – to reveal a distinctive focus on the story, its eerie backdrop apparently featuring an atmospheric bowed cymbal.  With material spanning three centuries, from English songs and Scottish ballads through to Northumbrian dance tunes, Seven Sisters is yet another landmark release for a duo currently making a big splash in the acoustic music pool.