Solana – Camino

Album Review | Self Release | Review by Liam Wilkinson | Stars: 3/5

Camino is the third album by Bristol-based gypsy band Solana since their debut in 2012. The eight-track album once again presents a sublime splash of continental colour from a band whose name is Spanish for the “sunny side of a mountain”. Indeed, the whole album is drenched in sun, from the light and airy “Once”, which successfully blends Celtic melodies with lush Spanish rhythms, to the seductive “Diving” with its impishly plucked fiddle, hypnotic guitar phrases and reggae beat. With Camino, Solana have once again absorbed a plethora of world rhythms to explore some of the most beguiling settings for their melodies. This is never more apparent than in tracks such as Gnomad, with its complex but infectious drum beat and effervescent fiddle/flute lead, and the accordion-fuelled “Cheap Nougat” which blurs the line between sizzling Spanish flamenco and polka. A wonderfully sunny album for the summer ahead.