The Hut People – Routes

Album Review | Fellside | Review by Liam Wilkinson | Stars: 4/5

There’s always a sense of having been somewhere when the needle has lifted on the latest album from The Hut People.  Take Home is Where the Hut is, the duo’s first studio album, which presented an exploration of global folk rhythms, and Picnic, their 2012 release, which was nothing short of a transcontinental journey.  With Routes, the newly released twelve-track album from accordionist Sam Pirt and percussionist Gary Hammond, we join the boys again for a traverse across the landscapes.  From Whitby to Belgium, Brighton to Sweden and as far as South Africa and Canada, Routes delivers another set of infectious tunes from a duo that seemingly never rests.  Pirt’s accordion has you gasping for breath during such intricate tunes as “The Humours of Tulla” and the quirky “Maid’s Stomach” whilst Hammond’s ever inventive shakes, clangs, bangs and boings fire an exceptionally adventurous and indefatigable engine.