Victoria Klewin and the True Tones – Dance Me to Heaven

Album Review | Self Release | Review by Liam Wilkinson | Stars: 4/5

Forgive the brazen cliche but Victoria Klewin could sing the phonebook and make it sound gorgeous.  And when she’s finished with that, she could make a start on the charity bags that also come through the door, along with the adverts for double glazing and new driveways.  Thankfully, the Bristol-based vocalist has got her own compositions to play with and, on Drive Me to Heaven, Klewin lovingly drenches each song with a voice so superbly fluid that it’s easy to miss what’s going on behind her.  Listen more closely, however, and you’ll hear the fiery chords of a molten Hammond organ, a tastefully chunky piano, a mischievous bass, sweetly nimble guitar, some white-hot percussion and sassy brass.  And as the band’s sound moves gracefully from stirring soul to smoky jazz, from rousing gospel to saucy funk, it becomes clear that voice and band are, in fact, tightly pinned together thanks to impressive musicianship and Klewin’s vocal agility.  Here is a vocalist with a rare reverence for her material, whose prowess as a singer is not marred by a need to be overly acrobatic.  Instead, energetic numbers such as “Can’t Help Myself” and “For the Good of Myself” are shimmeringly slick whilst the slower, more sensual songs such as “Not All That Glitters” and “Dance Me to Heaven” sit confidently within the tight control of this impressively masterful outfit.