Larkin Poe – Fall and Winter

EP Review | Edvins | Review by Allan Wilkinson | Stars: 5/5

Once again a seasonal Larkin Poe EP pops through the letterbox just in time for their eagerly awaited debut UK tour, along with their Winter EP to boot. You know the story, you wait for a bus to come along, then along comes two at the same time. When I first heard the Spring EP, I knew I was listening to something special. Rebecca Lovell’s instantly recognisable voice dominated the songs on that initial release and once again on the follow up, the Summer EP, which arrived shortly afterwards. The Fall and Winter EPs once again demonstrate Rebecca and Megan Lovell’s command over accessible melodic songs matched equally by their superb musicianship, especially on mandolin and Dobro respectively. The term ‘EP’ in all these cases is slightly incorrect as the discs constitute mini album status at least, with each containing between six to nine tracks. Once again all the ingredients are here, from bluegrass to blues, folk to rock, together with a gentle sprinkling of jazz and reggae, to create Larkin Poe’s distinctive sound. Taking their bluegrass folk roots, which were honed and developed in the family trio known professionally as The Lovell Sisters along with elder sibling Jessica, the two younger sisters have developed their own edgier style, incorporating Mike Seal’s guitar and piano, Daniel Kimbro’s bass and banjo and Chad Melton’s drums and percussion, not to mention the liberal use of Megan’s electric lap steel, bringing together Larkin Poe’s distinctive sound on such songs as “Fall From the Tree”, “Word From the Wise” and “Trance”.

During their current UK tour the band are selling each of the individual EPs separately or encased in a handsomely packaged box-set entitled A Band for All Seasons, which is precisely what they are. Having now heard and played to death all four EPs, it’s a struggle to remember which song is from which EP. Suffice it to say, the collection is best tasted as a whole, complete with each of the amusing yet utterly quaint original cover designs by Mindy Lacefield and Annette Munster. Add Fall and Winter to your Spring and Summer collection immediately and enjoy your year.