Kate Binningsley – Awen’s Song

EP Review | Self Release | Review by Allan Wilkinson | Stars: 3/5

What begins as a songwriter’s nudge to get oneself up out of bed and do something useful, particularly on a nice sunny day, turns out to be, after more attentive listening, a spellbinding reflection on loss and grief.  “Awen’s Song” is a lament to the undisclosed ones who we have lost, probably something we can all identify with.  Reminiscent of the singing style of Sinead Lohan and with the sensitivity of Eleanor McEvoy, Kate Binningsley eases us into an EP of songs that make us pine for the full album, which no doubt is on its way.  Touched by the spirit of Joni Mitchell, Kate tips her hat in song to probably the most inspirational of all female singer songwriters with “Joni’s Emancipation”, a jaunty Coyote-esque journey in search of love, which inevitably leads us back to the start of that long road.  With “Fire”, “Beautiful Day” and “The Lament of the Sailor’s Wife”, we have been presented with a snapshot of the work of a young songwriter with a bright future.  Not only is Kate a promising songwriter with a naturally fresh voice, she can also play a mean guitar as can be heard on “No Conditions”, not on this EP but quite possibly pencilled in for the album.  I look forward with keen interest to see how Kate’s songs develop.