Rachel Unthank and the Winterset

Comment | RNCM, Manchester | Comment by Allan Wilkinson

Another excellent Winterset concert tonight, this time at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, where the Unthanks managed to coerce a string quartet and a double bassist from the college into the act. That’s the thing about classical musicians, plonk some dots in front of them and they’re off, no egos, no painfully emotive soloing, it’s just good old fashioned musical arrangement. I wanted a night off from all the note taking, so I just relaxed, took a seat at the back, behind Adrian (you can’t really choose a better place to see a gig than right there near the sound desk), put my feet up and enjoyed. I didn’t bother taking my camera, although luckily, I had the good sense to keep in my pocket my old faithful digicam, which came in handy for a couple of after show shots in the bar. The real reason I chose to swap Leeds (tomorrow) for Manchester (tonight), was specifically to catch Devon Sproule once again before she returns to the States on Tuesday. This was a fortunate decision because I also got to see her with her husband Paul Curreri, who duetted with her at the end of her set, which was one of the most touching moments I have witnessed on stage.