Chris and Kellie While

Live Review | The Rock, Maltby | Review by Allan Wilkinson

When I went to the first night of the new Rock back in January, I quite liked the new venue and promised myself to make as many Friday night shows as I could.  Strange how you make these promises to yourself only to break them almost immediately.  It’s taken me until June to return.  Perhaps I don’t like the new venue as much as I first thought, it certainly isn’t a patch on the last one.  Chris and Kellie While was one (or should I say two) of the reasons for returning to the Rock.  I asked Kellie how she felt about having her mum on stage with her and if there are any drawbacks.  None she told me, she loves it.   Chris and Kellie have that familiar kindred connection, especially in their voices and their harmony singing, something that just seems to crop up again and again in family performers.  For obvious reasons I was looking beyond the songs and the music on this occasion and treated the evening as a sort of anthropological study of how relatives interact on stage.  Chris While has been on the scene for a good while and I’ve been familiar with her work with Julie Matthews and the Albion Band over the years.  But it was an inspired decision to team up with her equally talented daughter and with a repertoire of finely crafted songs, as well as a whole bunch of covers, which the duo make no apology for “we love so many songs, it’s a shame to just do our own” we can experience a wonderful evening of songs by the likes of Richard Thompson, Bob Dylan and Ron Sexsmith, as well as some lovely originals at the same time.