Eleanor McEvoy

Live Review | The Salutation, Doncaster | Review by Allan Wilkinson

Eleanor McEvoy was very much on form tonight when she played a couple of intimate sets at The Sal.  She sang a selection of songs from each of her five albums including her most recent CD Early Hours.  Not only is she a gifted singer and musician (electric and acoustic guitars, piano and fiddle), she’s also a prolific songwriter.  Blessed with a warm velvet voice, whose familiar delivery and notable Irish inflections don’t seem to grate as they usually do with the likes of The Cranberries, Sinead O’Connor and Alanis Morissette.  She actually does it so well that it isn’t a problem.  When she sang “I’ll be Willing”, I got the distinct feeling that she was singing the song just for me; there was that kind of intimacy in her voice and in the arrangements.  She confessed that she prefers this venue’s setting to the concert halls she’s used to around the world and it showed.  “The Rain Falls Down” is just the sort of song I like, a folk song for today, it talks about being dumped, but not on the wild and windy moors, or outside a village tavern, but by email.  “Only a Woman’s Heart”, “You’ll Hear Better Songs than This” and other songs proved her song writing credentials more than adequately and she left me wanting more.  Unfortunately, Eleanor neglected to bring along her piano, which was a shame.  I would’ve liked to hear her sing “October 9th”, but tonight it wasn’t to be.  Perhaps next time.